Python Cheetah NameMapper.NotFound Error

Google’da bununla ilgili adam gibi sonuç çıkmıyor bu nedenle yazıyorum, blog’a uzun zamandır yazmadığımdan değil yani. 😐

If NameMapper can not find a Python value for a Cheetah variable name, it will raise the NameMapper.NotFound exception. You can use the #errorCatcher directive (section 10.2) or errorCatcher Template constructor argument (section 4.1) to specify an alternate behaviour. BUT BE AWARE THAT errorCatcher IS ONLY INTENDED FOR DEBUGGING!

To provide a default value for a placeholder, write it like this: $getVar(‘varName’, ‘default value’). If you don’t specify a default and the variable is missing, NameMapper.NotFound will be raised.



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